Important Update!

Hi everyone! Sorry for disappearing for a bit without warning, but I wanted to give you all some important updates on our lives. Meg and I have moved to college in just this past week, and are both going through all the craziness of orientation, registering for classes, and adjusting to our new lives. As a result, we’ve both taken an impromptu step back from this blog. Once we have more of an idea of our routines and schedules, I promise we’ll be back to normal (and if a hiatus is necessary for us again, we’ll update accordingly.) For now, please bear with us! We love running this blog and connecting with all of you. Sharing our love of books with others is such a great joy, and we cherish the opportunities that we have. Thank you all for understanding, and if you wanna keep up to date with us, you can find all our personal social media in our links tab!


The Best and the Brightest: Book Covers

We are without a doubt people who judge books by their covers. We’re all guilty of it to some extent, but believe us, we’re not opposed to picking up books even when they have less-than-alluring cover designs. But it’s time to show some praise for what we each believe are the prettiest covers out there! We can analyze design in relation to books just as well as the books themselves, y’all. Check out each of our top picks, and make sure to tell us what your favorites are!

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