Megan Abbott Signing + Updates

Hello again, everyone! After a brief little break (it is summer, after all) we’ve started getting back into reading and posting again. With all the craziness that is vacations, work schedules, and even summer classes, this hasn’t been the most relaxing month ever. However, we have some really great stuff coming up soon! We have a lot of cool new ideas we’ll be working out the kinks on, and some ARC reviews that we absolutely cannot wait to publish and gush over. But that’s not the point of this!

Mostly, I wanted to tell you all about the incredible book signing I attended for the release of Megan Abbott’s newest title, Give Me Your Hand. Though an adult novelist, her books have often been co-opted by the YA community thanks to how often she places young women at the forefront of her stories. We’ve talked a lot about her books on this blog as well, because seriously, if you’re not reading them, you’re missing out big time.

As an English and Women’s and Gender Studies major who also happens to be obsessed with psychological thrillers in all formats, I’ve been a huge fan of her books for a long time. And now I can say with certainty that not only is she a fantastic author, but is also one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. She even recognized my face from a tweet I sent her upwards of two years ago! Seriously, she was incredible.

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We Need to Talk About Cassandra Clare

Before I begin, I’d just like to say right off the bat that I recognize this may be a controversial post due to our highly unpopular opinion about this author and her novels. However, we think this is a really important discussion to have. It has been noticeable to some, especially our Tumblr followers, that we pointedly avoid any discussion or even mere mention of Cassandra Clare and her novels on this blog and its related social media. As a former fan of her works (I read all 6 TMI novels and all 3 TID novels, even some related short stories Clare wrote, so I don’t hold these opinions merely because I subscribe to some belief that I need to be controversial and inflammatory), upon further reflection as I grew up and became more immersed in the YA Lit community, I realized that there were a lot of issues with her books. Like, a lot.

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Discussion: The Intersection of Sexuality and Villainy

Hi everyone! I’ve been thinking about starting some discussion posts for a while, and decided to start off with a topic that’s been on my mind for years. As we continue to push for diverse books, it’s always important to recognize the good, the bad, and the ugly, so that we can continue to improve and progress. In this case, I want to start off talking about sexuality and its direct or indirect relation to a character’s villainy.

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