Updates (And CMBYN) Galore!

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the semester again, where things are officially crazy leading up to spring break and book blogging has fallen – sadly – off my to-do list. Right now, both Meg and I are in the process of pledging sororities which, while insanely fun, is also a huge time commitment. But, I’ve got two weeks coming up soon back home where I’m excited to get back to reading and blogging!

In other news (and really, what spurred this update) I wanted to let you all know that as a writer for my college’s Her Campus chapter, I’ve recently written an article on Call Me By Your Name and the hyper-criticism of LGBTQ+ media. Please go check it out, because it would mean the world to me, and with more views comes a greater chance of it getting picked up by Her Campus national! I’m incredibly proud of this article. Plus, CMBYN stan Twitter is all over it, so I think you should be too.

Thank you all for the constant love, and I’m so looking forward to getting back into things with some new ARC reviews and anticipated releases.

xx Paige and Meg


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